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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I made a mirror!

This was probably the simplest thing I've ever done, and it turned out fairly awesome if I do say so myself.  My bedroom is sort of a mix of Indian and Moroccan looking decor, and I found some paper that matches the bright colors of the decor.  Not like I need another mirror in my bedroom, and it probably wont stay where it is, but it was so easy I couldn't resist.
I started with a pretty piece of paper, a blank wood mirror, and a little help from Roland the cat.

I used regular lined paper to cut the proper sizes for the sides, just in case I messed up the cuts.  That paper is like 1.00 a sheet!
 First I painted the sides of the mirror with acrylic paint (I believe in burnt umber).  I painted it thin, which turned out to give it a sort of distressed "old dark wood" look, which was a happy accident.  After I traced the lined paper to the right size, I traced it onto the real paper I was going to use and cut that out.  I sprayed that annoying but effective tacky adhesive onto the backs of the paper and stuck it to the wood.

It's not going to stay on my little side table but I didn't know where else to put it. Besides, we all know I'll get bored of the current set-up and redecorate soon enough. p.s. I <3 iPhoto for having Photoshop-like effects for me to play with, making my shitty pictures a little more bearable.
Stay tuned, I'm almost done with my third project!!! I'm on a roll!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Good to see Roland making himself useful!

    And the mirror did come out pretty damn awesome.