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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome from Mrs. Craftypants!

So, I got sick of "talking" on my normal blog.  Bitching and moaning about how I'm never creative anymore, how I haven't painted in years, blah blah blah.  I began following the art blog of an extremely talented friend and photographer a few months ago, and realized that there is SO much more I can do.  I've been stuck for my entire life in my usual mediums of acrylic, charcoal and pastel with the occasional pen and ink thrown in....but who needs canvases when there are wooden boxes and cardboard blocks and greeting cards to be adorned with that special Carrie touch?

I went to Michael's that very day and bought some pretty paper and a couple boxes just to get me started.  My very first project on my journey to revisited creativity started with a desk covered in crap I wasn't sure what to do with:

And quickly turned into a gift for one of my many pseudo moms:

Glitter paper that's not actually glitter. GENIUS!!!!

I added that little heart to cover a smudge, and it ended up looking way worse. Note to self: just leave it alone.

So.  It's simple, it's kind of boring, it may fall apart.  But the point is, I did something, dammit.  I promise I'll get better as I do it more, and eventually you wont need to laugh at me.   (And Anne is a sap, so I know she'll love it despite the suckage.)  Now I just need to save up and get myself an awesome camera, so the pictures of my awesomeness actually...look....awesome.

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