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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Witchy Wonder

Good evening! I just finished my third craftypants project, which is farther than I expected to get. And I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.  I'm going to try something different next......pen and ink on greeting cards!!!!! I'll see if I can finish one tonight.  But for now, another wooden box.  I feel like these boxes are sort of "below" what I could be doing.  I only say that because I remember how talented I USED to be...ah, how creativity and artistic ability dwindles without use.  Anyway, I made a box for my friend and fellow witch Moe.  I don't know what the crap she could use it for, but the themes are applicable to her so hopefully she'll like it anyway.
Started with: a box.

And a bunch of cool paper.

My favorite redheaded witch picture. :)
I painted the box black first, cut the inner paper to size, and glued it to the inside:

She's going to England and Ireland this summer, so I figured an old-world theme might be appropriate.  Oooo maybe she could use it to keep souvenir postcards or something. I'm a genius!!!!

Next came the top of the box.  I cut three 5x7 scraps of purple paper (her favorite color) and glued them to the front, then covered the little leftover square with that awesome non-glitter glitter paper.  I glued Ms. Witch in the middle, and realized that some of the edges of the paper looked weird, especially the glitter paper.  So I got some black bling and super-glued them along the edges.  As an afterthought, I cut a little moon and stuck that on there.  Simple, not as awesome as it could be, but my collection of supplies isn't big enough yet to really choose from.
I used that lacquer adhesive to make it shiny.

I covered the back with a plain piece of blue parchment-ish looking paper and wrote lyrics from a mutual favorite song. (Dante's Prayer by Loreena McKinnett- BEAUTIFUL song. Look it up.)

I'm still not super happy with what I've done so far, like I said, because I know I can do better.  But I guess, when starting over, shit's gonna suck for awhile.  I'm gonna keep posting it.  If I know I have to post something, I'll finish it.  Otherwise I'd get frustrated at how lame it was and just shove it in the back of a closet half done. Speaking of, maybe I should pull out all the half-finished bullshit I started years ago and actually attempt to make something of it.

Not tonight though.  I think I'll try one of those greeting cards.  I've been copping out with the paper-gluing, because that doesn't actually require drawing.  Here goes nothin'.

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  1. Just so Ya'll know I LOVE this box and intend on keeping all my special memento from my trip in it. This is one of those special gifts that I will forever cherish!! Just as I cherish Carrie and her friendship. And yes you should look up the song it truly is beautiful!

    Thank you again Carrie! I love you! <3 <3