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Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Greeting Cards!

Good evening.  I am finally able to post the greeting cards I drew a few weeks ago, because the recipient has received one of them.  They're fairly simple.  I bought a pack of plain greeting cards, envelopes included, from Beverly's.  It's been many years since I drew anything, let alone with pen and ink, and this was my first attempt:
I started simple, so that I wouldn't get frustrated right off the bat.  If I failed at drawing branches and birds, I would have to just kill myself.

I knew I wanted to make my "real" one a gift for my dear friend Adam, who lives in New Mexico.  I decided to find something that would remind him of home, in Santa Cruz.  I stalked his mom's photos on facebook and found a lovely shot from inside their house, which just happens to be my favorite place in the world. 
 I don't know why I thought a picture with so much shadow would be a good idea to attempt drawing, but I just started going and by that point it was too late to turn back.  The finished product:

Here's a little closer. Kind of weird and abstract,

And my favorite part: signing my shit with my awesome last name. :)  
The cards themselves are pretty flimsy, so I cut out the same size cardstock and glued it inside to make it more hearty.  Then I covered the front with a lacquer adhesive type thing to protect the ink, and voila.  I wouldn't say I'm stoked about the end result, but I AM happy that it didn't turn out to be complete crap.  So that's a start.  And in the end, all the really matters is that he loved it.

I 'll probably keep complaining for awhile that the stuff I make isn't amazeballs. Bear with me.  It will be eventually. :)


  1. Bear, you make me smile. I love you!

  2. Totally amazeballs! I love handmade, personalized cards and you took it a step further. How cool are you? and I LOVE the birds and branches card.