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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Adorning the Man Cave

So my adorable husband Dominick bought a shed and built his very own playhouse.  It is a black and red haven filled with electronics, action figures and skulls.  It's perfect.  Even more so because pretty much everything he owns is now in there. (Meaning all the ugly boy stuff I don't like. Shhh don't tell him I said that.)  Anyway, when we first started dating, he began keeping all my letters and cards and notes and things in a little box that he had me paint.  (Black and red, of course.)  He just recently asked me to paint something else on it.  All he gave me for inspiration was "some sort of design".  So this is what I came up with:
I painted it sort of quickly, so it's not really the best thing I've ever done....

But whatever, he loved it.

However, what he loved MORE.... are the coasters he asked me to make for him. 
Directions: "I want puppies and kitties."
So I found the cutest pictures I possibly could, and added skulls and crossbones to make them completely ridiculous in their awesomeness.

Dom is pretty metal.  But he still requests puppies and kitties for his mancave decor.  That, my friends, is the definition of irony. <3