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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Presents for the Fam

Hello friends! I'm finally back from my half awesome, half lame vacation on the east coast.  Before I left, I sent off a few presents to my Montana family (my sister, her dad, her step mom and step sister), but never had time to post what I did.  But fear not, I am still crafting. :) Here they are:
This is the mirror I made for Bridget, Ali's step-sister.  She lives in Montana, so anything that reminds her of the beach makes her happy.  She's 16 though, so I didn't want it to be tacky.  I went for "beachy chic" here.

Complete with local shells and sea glass. :)

I glued little black bling to three of the corners to hide the seams in the wood.
The verdict: she loved it. Win!
Ali's instructions: Anything black and/or pink.  So this is the picture frame I made her, with my favorite picture of us in it.  I could not seem to get a good picture of...the picture.

This one shows the color better.  Hooray for glitter paper and sticky bling!!!!

She's called me sissy since she could talk.
The verdict: Loves it! She says it's going on a shelf called the "Ali and Carrie shelf".  Amazing how loved kids can make you feel.  Win!!!!
I also sent that heart box to Anne, and, as predicted, she loved it.  I totally laughed at her because of how crappy of a job I did, but I knew she'd be stoked just the same.  Still, I promised her better in the future.  Tom didnt get anything.  He's just like me. He hates stuff. (But shhh don't tell, I got him something in Salem.) 

Stay tuned, more crafts in the making!!!!

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