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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY Home Improvement

Hello, faithful fans!  As some of you may know, I'm SORT of obsessed with interior design.  It all started back in 2008, when I would get bored at the doctor's office I worked for and start flipping through her subscriptions to House Beautiful.  I lived in a big, gorgeous house at the time, and started getting ideas.  Unfortunately, I moved before I could really utilize the beauty of that house...but the passion hasn't died since.  I'm constantly looking for ways to improve and beautify the space I live in (which means it's always changing, much to Dom's amusement.)  And yes, I have my very own subscription to House Beautiful. (And Coastal Living, and Real Simple and Whole living, which also have homey stuff in them.)

So anyway, every once in awhile, I take a break from the crafting and take some time on my house.  My plight has become more challenging than ever, as we live in Daddy Balsamo's office, with the use of only three rooms and a bathroom as our living space.  Forget the kitchen; I can't do ANYTHING about that.  So, we can't paint or do any major remodeling, which hurts my soul because of the terrible paint colors I have to look at every day.  But I do the best with what I have.  I figured I would show you some of the projects I've done, since it's all in the name of do-it-yourself crafty goodness.

We have a sunporch that we were using as a closet and catch-all, but I got jealous of Dom's man cave and decided I wanted a lady cave as well.  It's going to take awhile, but I've gotten started.  We tore down the self-installed closet rods, and re-installed a whole wall system in our bedroom. Not pretty, but functional. We had a huge, bulky dresser that I love....but it was just too big. So we hauled that to storage, and rescued Grammy's old dresser and a tiny little shelving unit.   I went to "the Deep" as I affectionately call it, and bought some paint.  So began my reclaiming.

This was the color of the dresser, complete with pen marks and dents.  I sanded them as best I could,

My in-progress projects.  Forgot to do the "before" shot, but this is good enough.  I love that sea-foam green color for the dresser, and the shelves definitely needed some livening up.
The inside of the drawers: Terrible.

Ohhh yeah, it's coming together.

No project is complete, of course, without orange 70's shorts and a leopard print bikini top.

So here's the finished product, all dry and placed in my up-and-coming lady cave.  I bought some nifty wrapping paper at World Market and lined the top drawer, but have yet to line the rest of them.  These things take time.

And with the addition of the shelves to hold some beloved knick-knacks:

Please ignore my laundry heap.

And yes, the view from the other side.  I had painted those night tables previously, and the hue of the colors all sort of go together.  This probably isn't the way it's going to stay, but for now, it provides a cozy little reading nook where I have since spent many hours.

When it's not claimed by the cats, masters of the universe.

Onward!!!! (Finishing Dom's custom guitar today.  Stay tuned.)


  1. BRILLIANT! As always my dear! Oh I soooooooo need you to come over and do my house! Lol keep up the amazing craft work! I love you!

  2. Count that DIY home improvement project as a success! Thanks for sharing (and inspiring :)