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Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Man Cave Saga

Dom's birthday was on April 6th, and I decided that since I utterly failed Christmas, I should make up for it with an epic birthday present.  Recalling a long ago comment he made about how awesome it would be to have a table with a Ouija board top.... I set to work.  Eventually he's going to redo his man cave (with my decorating expertise assisting him, of course).  I figured this might be a welcome addition.

After searching several second-hand stores for a coffee table I could sand, I was starting to get a little hopeless.  They were all too big or too expensive.  I finally went to that woodcraft store where you can get unfinished furniture.  They had coffee tables, but they weren't cheap.  The place is also an antique store, and I just happened to notice an antique black trunk tucked under a table.  I dragged it out and got away with paying $62 bucks for a $98 trunk.  WOOT!!!!!!

Getting up into the attic where I have all my supplies was proving impossible.  I finally had to take the top off, using a butterknife to unscrew the ancient screws.  (A flathead screwdriver was too thick.) I felt like I was desecrating some sacred object, but I pressed on.  With my amazonian strength, I heaved the two pieces up the ladder into the attic, and set to work sanding the black paint off the top.  (Note: Do not power sand in an attic if you can help it.  Clean-up is a bitch.)

When it looked good and old, I gathered up my supplies.  Picture of a Ouija board surface, pencil, Sharpie, wood burner, measuring tape, and calculator.

I had to put to use all kinds of math that I didn't know I remembered.  It was like when you're in high school and think "when the hell am I ever going to need to know this?!?"  Well.  You'll need it when you make a Ouija board coffee table.  It's such a big surface with so many details that I had to measure the piece of paper with the picture on it first.  I had to figure out how big the space and letters were, and how far apart they are, and then calculate what that would equal on the trunk.  Woof.

So I finally figured it out, and penciled out the whole drawing.  Once that was done, I filled in everything with a Sharpie so I could see it.

When it was complete, I set about the tedious task of woodburning every....single.....detail.  It was hard, it was sweaty, I broke my burning tips several times... but in the end it made it very authentic and awesome.



And his reaction made all the hard work totally worth it.  "Best. Present. Ever."


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  1. This is Dom. The table was AWESOME. I had the same feeling that I got when I was a kid and got my first Nintendo for Christmas. I was near tears, because I'm a big pansy. Thanks for all the work, Ducky! It's the best present ever.