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Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Adventure!

Alright, the time has come to stop being LAME!!!!  I am taking on a new, epic adventure.  I'm going to attempt to make soap! "That's random", you might say.  And you would be right.  I was up in my craftypants lair (a.ka. The Attic), being bored and frustrated that I wasn't inspired to make anything.  I started browsing through one of my books, and stumbled across a chapter on how to make soap.  I thought, "hey, I could do that.  I already have most of the stuff, all I would need to get started is a bar of natural soap and some essential oils."  Because really, who wants to put all that chemical crap on their skin? I know a bit about the properties of different essential oils and herbs, why not add it to natural, chemical-free soap and make my OWN good-for-me skin products?

So, I went and bought some oils and some soap to start with (I'm not quite ready to make it from scratch.  Handling lye is a dangerous process.)  Tonight is the trial run! I have two experiments going right now, and my counter is covered with crap.  I'll keep you updated on the mess I'm making, and whether it worked enough to clean my hands at least.

I have a bunch of ideas to add to my still-lingering greeting card ideas... they include soaps and lotions and massage oils and such..... maybe one day, when I finally get all this right, I will have a booming, money-making Etsy store and home shop.  I will be the cliche story of cute, craftsy girl that says "I don't want all that lame, chemical-loaded crap from the drug store! I want something that I can feel good about putting on my body!", and, through trial and error, makes her own FABULOUS beauty product line, starting out of her attic and growing to HER OWN SHOP! IN A CUTE, FARM-Y COTTAGE!!!! WHICH MAKES A BAGAZILLION DOLLARS EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned, I'll let you know how that's workin' out.

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