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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Closet Debacle

What's up.

So, remember 67 years ago when I said I fixed my closet problem? Here are the deets, in case anyone out there cares about my home improvement adventures.  But a very cool idea, stolen from someone else's WAY more interesting and creative blog.

I live in a house built in 1900.  There was a tiny closet, but they had to tear it out to make room for the handicap bathroom, since this is an office as well.  If only they had known it would leave me with no place to put my excessive wardrobe.  (Which has actually been recently downsized in a gigantic way, but that's another story for another day.)  So for many moons, we've struggled with clothes storage experimentation.  Shelves, metal "closet" storage (UGH), plastic tubs..... it was all TERRIBLE.  We put up an entire closet storage/shelving/rod system on one wall.... and a month or two later, I ripped the whole thing down in a rage of desperation.  And settled for this:
So I thought, if I could just rig something up to the ceiling so I still have floor space, and that looks sort of natural and aesthetically pleasing, that would be ideal.  Here's what I (and that other guy from the way cooler blog) came up with:
Wrap leftover metal closet rod in jute for like 9 hours
hang from ceiling using butterfly hooks and equal lengths of looped jute

don't forget the hole in the rod... a little tricky but doable with the magic of a hot glue gun.

I opted to hang the bar in three places.........and it was really difficult to get the jute loops the same length, so the middle one was a little loose.  I figured the weight of the clothes would compensate for the slack.
Aaaahhh, look how awesome I think I am!!!!!
But clothes are heavier than you may think...........
Suddenly there was a loud snap.  And then there was no more middle support.

But I did get a nice big black hole in the ceiling out of the deal.
In the end, I re-hung the center support, tied it tighter, and glued all the knots for a little extra oomph.  It's been up for a few months now, and there have been no more catastrophes.  And I had room to move the dresser under the clothes, and opened up a shitload more space in the room.  Win!