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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I'm going to clean you real good.

Photo courtesy of Vintage Love Photography, 2008.

<----- Look how soapy and deliciously clean I am! Know why? It’s cause I made some soap.  And I used it.  (Actually, that picture was taken about 4 years ago, but it goes with the theme of the post.)

Some of you may have heard me talking about making soap, and some of you lovely people have actually used it when you became my testing bunnies during my trial run.  Some testimonials include:

“I LOVE the soap!” –SanDee  (Ms. Crazy-Dry-Skin-hasn’t-needed-to-use-lotion-since-she-started-using-it)

“It feels like I’m washing with squishy angel babies!” –Ginger

So after months and months of tears and experiments (and WAY too much money), I finally have my first batch ready for sale!!!! YAAAAYYY!!!!

Let me tell you a little about my freaking awesome soap, if you aren’t already familiar with it.

1.  It’s 100% natural goodness.  Which means, only natural ingredients.  (Did you know that the "soap" you buy at the grocery stores can't even legally be CALLED soap, because it's actually detergent? And it's made of all kinds of scary chemicals and dead animals and the souls of babies?)  Even BETTER though: It doesn’t even TOUCH anything unnatural.  I use all non-synthetic, BPA free equipment and natural, sustainable materials during “production”.  As in, no plastic molds, no plastic blenders, and the little waste I produce is recyclable or compostable.

2. No excessive packaging to add to landfills! Woohoo!  I’ve thought for a very long time about labels…. And decided that it would take way more paper than I’m comfortable using to actually “package” the bars.  So the only thing that will be on the soap is a tiny piece of twine with a tiny tag on it that tells you what it is and how to get more.  So you don’t even have to throw the tag away, you can give it to someone else SO THEY CAN GET SOME SOAP TOOOOOO!!!!!!  All the ingredients and other info will be listed on either my blog, or Facebook, or both…. Or my website when I figure out how to make that happen and when I have some more products.

3.  You know how most natural soaps are like $7.00 bucks? And some of those aren’t even 100% natural?  I’m totally not gonna rape you just cause you want to get clean without poisoning yourself.  My soap is a whopping $4.00.  WIN!!!!!!!

4. Um, hello, I made it.  And you love me.  What more do you need?


The kind I have available right now is Lavender and Tea Tree.  There are 12 bars made at this very moment (first come, first serve, baby!).  They are $4.00 a bar.  They will rock your world.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Saponified Sodium Hydroxide (that’s not bad, I promise), Water, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil.

The only animal on which these are tested is my husband.

Message me on Facebook, email me at, or call me to tell me how excited you are about buying my soap.  I will hand deliver it to you with a big hug. (Unless you live far away, then I will ship it to you with a picture of me inside giving you two thumbs up REALLY intensely.)

Coming soon: several more amazing soap recipes, lotions, lip balms, skin care, body scrubs, and more!  I understand if you need to go lie down and fan yourself now.

Thanks for your support!!!!!!!!!
Photo courtesy of Vintage Love Photography, 2008.

Ducky loves this soap cause it doesn't pollute his pond.